Editor's Note

A responsibility we take seriously

November 2, 2017

Your time is one of the most valuable assets you possess. It seems like there’s never enough of it, and more than enough to do in the time you do have. That’s why we take […]


Checking one off the bucket list

September 25, 2017

As you get a bit older, bucket lists seem to take on a bit more urgency. Some items may be unrealistic dreams unless you win the lottery, but others just require the right timing and […]

Travelers' Toolbox

Travelers’ Toolbox: Lunatec

July 24, 2017

Lunatec has produced another useful tool for outdoor recreation. The Aquabot takes the water bottle far beyond what you might imagine. The bottle includes a pump that allows you to spray a cooling mist or […]

Editor's Note

Remembering our fathers

June 16, 2017

Many, if not most, of us who are baby boomers were fortunate to have fathers who were members of the “Greatest Generation,” and whose life experience included World War II. Many of their fathers’ life […]

Travelers' Toolbox

AmeriBag Healthy Back Bag

December 1, 2016

AmeriBag is producing its Healthy Back Bag with a teardrop shape that is ergonomic and designed to be worn cross-body to distribute the weight evenly and minimize stress on your back, shoulders, and neck. There […]

Travelers' Toolbox

Picture Keeper Connect

October 18, 2016

Picture Keeper Connect provides backup for pictures on phones, tablets, and computers with software that doesn’t capture duplicate shots and maintains the same organization. The USB storage comes in three different sizes. Whether you run […]

Travelers' Toolbox

“Lassoing the Sun”

October 18, 2016

Lassoing the Sun by Mark Woods is the result of a year spent visiting and getting to know 16 national parks, some of which played a significant role in his life. He looks past the […]

Travelers' Toolbox

Traveler’s Toolbox: ReliefBand

September 26, 2016

ReliefBand is a wearable way to control nausea from motion sickness in planes, trains, automobiles, and boats. The FDA has approved it as a drug-free, over-the-counter device without side effects. It uses programmed pulses to […]

Travelers' Toolbox

Travelers’ Toolbox: National Parks coloring book

September 26, 2016

The Anderson Design Group created another tribute to the National Park Service Centennial with a coloring book suitable for all ages. It captures iconic images from each of the 59 parks, plus five pages of […]


Beach stay planning and events

June 30, 2016

Heading off to a beach resort such as Ocean City, Md., or Rehoboth Beach, Del.? There are so many choices that planning a trip can be daunting. Sure, you want to spend time dipping your […]