Use of oak, rising alcohol levels among 2017 wine trends

February 18, 2017

It’s really difficult to predict trends in wine, but certain evidence does suggest many in the offing. Look for more collaboration between “Old World” and “New World” producers. Joint ventures on both sides will flourish. […]

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Ten rules for “wine schmoozing”

December 13, 2016

Film and TV stars frequently attend them. Politicians and heads of state usually find themselves there. High society folk call these regular hangouts and celebrities of all sorts make this scene. What on earth is […]

Wine Doctor

Ordering wine in a restaurant

November 11, 2016

One of the most intimidating aspects about wine is ordering it in a restaurant. This, by far, creates the most anxiety among diners. Here are some helpful tips to make ordering wine easier and less […]

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Studies tell us only part of the story

October 29, 2016

Wine, especially red, has been studied quite extensively over the last number of years and much has been written about its health benefits. The majority of what has been touted about it has to do […]


Tour and taste in Orange County

October 29, 2016

Orange County’s rolling hills hold lots of history. Montpelier, the home of James and Dolley Madison, brings the Colonial past to life. And there are plenty of reminders of the Civil War, as well as […]


Wine and ‘shine in Smyth and Wythe counties

October 22, 2016

The hollows of Smyth and Wythe counties of Southwest Virginia were legendary for the making of illicit brews. Now this region, about five hours south of Washington, D.C., is fermenting and distilling legal beverages and […]