A responsibility we take seriously

Marvin Bond

Your time is one of the most valuable assets you possess. It seems like there’s never enough of it, and more than enough to do in the time you do have. That’s why we take seriously our responsibility to provide you with the best information on how to spend the precious leisure time you have, and we like to think we do this in two ways.

First, we provide free subscriptions delivered to your workplace of the monthly print edition of Recreation News, and our digital edition makes its way onto office intranets and bulletin boards, as well as being downloaded about 40,000 times per month from our website. 

The website is another time saver, offering unique content, current issue content, and a searchable archive to help you find exactly the kind of outings you’re looking for. And, when it comes to planning those weekend activities and getaways, the Wednesday Weekend Update e-blast has you covered, with upcoming events around the region, as well as special deals. The deals keep coming at GovPerk.com, our site that only features specials available to federal civilian and military employees. 

It’s all designed with your time in mind!

The second way we try to save you time is by knowing what we’re talking about. Our writers know the areas they’re covering. Our publisher and I have much experience in the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. So, together, our team can provide insider tips and reliable information about the destinations, attractions, events, and accommodations in our stories.

You’ll find specific examples each month in the “Cruise Corner,” where Michelle and Karl Teel relate the inside scoop on a wide range of cruises they’ve taken. And, in this month’s “Travel Line” column, Jane and I cover the land portion of a recent Alaska excursion.

Also this month, you’ll find coverage of small-town Pennsylvania and Maryland holiday traditions from writers who’ve been there and want to share the experiences with you, and, hopefully, encourage you to check them out.

Whether you’re looking for some ideas for holiday outings and family experiences, or even for ideas on what food you can bring to the next holiday party, you’ll find it in the pages of this month’s issue!

Travelers’ toolbox

There was a lot of news during the summer travel season about the air quality on planes, so the Air Tamer 310 Rechargeable Air Purifier seemed to be worth a look. A bit larger than a key fob, it is supposed to clean air even better than HEPA filters. It is completely silent and operates for 150 hours on a charge. Worn around the neck, the negative ions it produces create a cleaner breathing space. (airtamer.com)

Walls Outdoor Goods is producing durable pants that are good for work, cold weather, or travel. I tried the Vintage Work Pant, which is a comfortable 11-ounce cotton and has two cargo pockets and a cell phone pocket, making it a great addition to the suitcase or for camping. (walls.com)

Coming next month

-Checking out the new ski season

-Frederick and the Civil War


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