Experience: It’s what makes us who we are

Karl Teel

It was an unconventional wedding. The bride entered the room to meet her groom and the officiant to the sound of the old Rolling Stones’ tune “She’s Like a Rainbow,” and the officiant provided a rather compelling and moving talk during the service quoting, among others, Jerry Garcia. The quote went something like this: “Everything you’ve ever done, every person you’ve ever met, every experience you’ve ever had is a part of who you are today, adding interesting layers to your being and colorful depths to your soul.”

I went online to get the exact quote and couldn’t find it, even searching a website with Jerry Garcia quotes. Googling the words “every, person, experience, and part” yielded the above quote, but to an anonymous source. Several similar quotes with the identical spirit were found, some anonymous, others attributed to a variety of authors, but the message was clear and uniform.

It’s all about life, not just survival, but something deeper. Sure, we need to work to cover those basics at the lower end of Maslow’s hierarchy — food, shelter, safety, etc. But, a full life is about more than survival; it’s about adding to who you are.

Of course, family, neighbors, friends, and co-workers all add to the human interaction side of life. What you see and what you do adds to the mix as well. Whether it’s a trip to the beach, a whitewater rafting trip, a night of solitude camping under a canopy of stars, a fascinating trip to another culture and land, or a romantic retreat — all of this becomes a part of you.

Survival? Sure, that’s important, but if that were everything, then your life is little different than that of a plant.

Our lives are more than that. Life is about living, and living is about doing, and doing can be fun. Our tag line here at Recreation News is “Live. Play. Do.” We believe in it. We live it. And we do our best to encourage others to do the same.

In this issue, we cover ideas for getaways and living it up, both to the north, south, east, and west. For the rugged, for the romantic, for the family, for the culture seekers. And, we are open to suggestions, always eager to expand our horizons and to help others expand theirs.

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