Rockbridge County is home to explorers

In Lexington, Buena Vista and Rockbridge County, Va., we beckon enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and professionals to get outside and play in our rugged back yard. There is a wealth of information and a host of experiences we can share with visitors and conservation organizations.

We are privileged to have these explorers among us and inspiring us to stretch our boundaries and try a new activity. Let us tell you about three of our favorite explorers.

Sometimes referred to as the “accidental advocate,” Dave Walsh started bicycling to work as a way to reduce his carbon footprint. Dave loves the history, the flora and fauna, the views and the feeling after a good day’s ride. He loves sharing the sites and stories of the Shenandoah Valley with cyclists of all levels and ability. Dave and his wife Tasha own Shenandoah Rides & Rentals and would love to take you on a guided ride.

Tim McElhannon is a lifelong explorer and adventurer who can frequently be found either hiking the trails of Rockbridge County and on the Appalachian Trail east of Lexington or cycling the roads and trails in the area. For Tim, hiking House Mountain or the Chessie Trail, only a mile from his home, provide a quick escape from the pace of normal life and are part of his regular routine. His favorite Rockbridge hike is Little House Mountain where he enjoys crawling around and climbing on the boulders along the ridge.

Lester Zook owns WILD GUYde Adventures, providing rock climbing, caving, and canoeing guide services since 2004. He is an AMGA Certified Single Pitch Climbing Instructor and a Wilderness First Responder. Seeing folks enjoying a personal challenge in the amazing outdoor world is his passion. Lester’s favorite place to climb in Rockbridge is Goshen Pass, high above the Maury River.

Come find the explorer in you!



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