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Publisher Karl Teel and wife Michelle

Here at Recreation News Media, particularly in the Publisher’s Note, you’ll read numerous reasons why you should take a getaway. It’s good for the mind and soul, it’s good for productivity, it’s a good use of your finite amount of time in life, it’s good for relationships, and it’s good for mental health.

We strive to provide ideas on where to go, what to do, and how to maximize the experience. But, sometimes, the limit isn’t knowledge and know-how, the limit is the budget. We hear you loud and clear.

Check out our new sister website, GovPerk.com. It’s packed with specials, particularly for government workers and contractors. It’s a perk of the job. Lots of discounts on travel and destinations allow you to go more often, or in better style, than you may have been able to do otherwise.

GovPerk.com also has discounts on mobile phone service, television and Internet service, real estate, entertainment, health services, and legal services. And, you know what you can use those savings for? More travel!

Check out GovPerk.com today. And, of course, check out RecreationNews.com for feature stories and more to help you decide where to go.

Don’t have much time or money? Check out our weekly email blast, The Weekend Update, filled with ideas on how to make the most of your weekend. It comes out every Wednesday at 1:05pm, just after lunch on “hump day.” At that point, you are now closer to the weekend than the start of the work week, so begin looking forward to fun.

The Weekend Update features at least a dozen events in the area, many of them free. There are wine festivals, nature hikes, music and theater events, expos and seminars, and plenty of other options. You also get a chance to win a getaway and learn of a few discounts. And, for those on the go, it’s mobile-friendly.

Don’t get The Weekend Update? Sign up today. Simply email events@RecreationNews.com, or fill out the form on RecreationNews.com.

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Follow us on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter, and on Pinterest. Not only can you find more great ideas and getaways, you can share with us your thoughts and photos with #LivePlayDo and also get a chance to win a getaway for two.

To date, we’ve given away more than half a million dollars’ worth of getaways. And these are true, no-strings-attached, trips — no need to sit through a presentation, no need to fork out any money. Just enter to win at any of our websites, through The Weekend Update, or through the paper.

We are here to help you make the most of your most precious asset — your time. Enjoy!

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