April is like going home again

Editor Marvin Bond

For me, the April issue of Recreation News is a bit like going home again as we produce our annual Virginia pull-out section and the first of our two North Carolina sections for the year.

Though I’ve lived in Maryland since my pre-teen years, I was born in North Carolina and spent my early years in Virginia. The connections go back generations, as my father was born in North Carolina, as were his parents, and my mother was a Virginian, as were her parents.

Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling in both the Tar Heel State and the Old Dominion through the years and accumulated plenty of perspective to share with both our writers and our readers.

This month, we’ll take a look at five favorite views in Eastern North Carolina, with some insights I hope you’ll enjoy. We’ll even give you the scoop on the best views to enjoy during the 80th season of the outdoor drama The Lost Colony. And, if you’re a fan of those Andy Griffith re-runs, don’t miss Carol Timblin’s Travel Line column about the real Mayberry.

North of the border, in Virginia, we take a look at neat things to do outdoors in the Lexington area, in Orange County, and in Chesapeake and the Great Dismal Swamp. We’ll find you a room with a view in Nelson County, a new museum in Yorktown, and a historic theater in Clifton Forge, and take a stroll along the Bluff Walk in Lynchburg.

Finding World War I connections

As we approach the centennial of America’s entry into “the war to end all wars,” we take a region-wide look at special programs and exhibits you can enjoy and sites to visit to learn more about WWI. I think you’ll be surprised at how many localities have discovered connections to the war effort and the impact the war had on the Mid-Atlantic.

Put on your explorer’s cap

In an area like Washington, D.C., with so many people moving in and out, it’s obvious that not everyone has ties to this region. I hope we at Recreation News provide you with reasons to explore the Mid-Atlantic. If you’re a long-time resident or native, we hope to help you recall a pleasant memory from an earlier trip. But what I really hope is that we encourage you to visit interesting places in the area you’ve always wanted to go or maybe never knew existed.

Whether it’s a trip to long familiar places or a brand new adventure, you’ll be making good use of your most limited and valuable commodity: your time. Time and again, studies show we leave millions of hours of leave unused. Take the time. Take a trip. And share with us at #LivePlayDo.

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