What’s luck got to do with it?

Marvin Bond

We’ve all experienced those serendipitous moments in life when we stumbled onto the solution to a problem or “the stars aligned” to create just the right moment for something special to happen. Ask any really successful person and they’ll tell you luck played a role in their accomplishments. With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, I suppose “the luck of the Irish” started me thinking about the role luck plays in our travel experiences.

For you, it may have been the luck of choosing a travel agent who had special knowledge about the trip you wanted to take, or the good fortune of finding an especially good deal online just before it expired.

We’ve often found great events and experiences quite by accident in our travels.

Like some other newlyweds, I’m sure, we met another couple on our honeymoon who had married on the same day and time, and now we’ve been friends for 42 years. There was the member of the artistic Wyeth family who gave amazing insights into an exhibit at the Brandywine Valley Museum. The general manager of a winery happened to be in his tasting room and led an amazing tasting and wine education experience. And, even a waitress in a St. Croix restaurant who was from our hometown made a great connection.

The list goes on with local festivals and people we’ve encountered in totally unplanned ways, all of which enriched our travel experience.

All this begs the question: “How important is planning, anyway?” Can we depend on luck to create the best travel experience? Obviously, the answer is no. Luck can certainly enhance travel experiences if you are open to the unplanned, but your time and the cost of travel make planning essential for anything more than a day trip.

We have more tools to help us plan today than ever before, with the Internet and social media adding layers of information on top of traditional printed materials such as brochures, visitor guides, maps, newspapers, and magazines. The amount of information can be overwhelming, including hundreds of reviews of even small attractions and accommodations. Today, aggregator websites exist to combine and filter information from other sites to supposedly find the best deal on a hotel or venue ticket.

Recreation News has been providing information on destinations and experiences for 35 years in print. To paraphrase the words of a frequently seen television commercial, “We know a thing or two, because we’ve covered a thing or two.” Our writers visit, experience, and share with you every month. Our online presence is available on computers, tablets, and phones with the content from the paper, as well as additional stories and information. It’s a great place to start your planning!


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