What’s love got to do with it?

Karl Teel

Publisher Karl Teel and wife Michelle.

It started out with Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, being a single-day observance. From a fixed date, it expanded to a broader range with people trying to incorporate it into a weekend event. When Valentine’s Day is situated on Wednesdays, it often creates a pair of weekend events, one before and another after. Further expansion creates a whole month of love.

February, romance — what are you going to do to make the most of it?

Some obvious choices for February capitalize on winter events: skiing, ice festivals, restaurant weeks, brisk hikes in the winter wonderland, or cabin fever indoor events. All of these can have elements of romance in them. It can be the warm fireplace in the ski lodge after skiing, getting bundled up while watching ice carvers at an ice festival (perhaps with an Irish coffee in hand), or a candlelight dinner. It seems just about everything can have romance incorporated into it.

Publisher Karl Teel and wife Michelle.

But, romance and elements of the heart are both for the spontaneous here and now, as well as into the future. How? Planning!

Plan a getaway together, but not just any getaway. Plan for one that sits squarely on one or both of your bucket lists. Not sure where to go? Make it a dream date or, more appropriately, a date to make dreams. Anticipation is a rewarding part of a dream getaway.

There’s a step that can occur even before the planning. I’ve mentioned this in the past and I’ll mention it again. Make a bucket list date.

Each member of the couple starts with a blank slate. Next, write down 20 items on your own bucket list, have your partner do the same. Swap lists and review them.

Common items on each of your lists should be the top priorities. Non-common items may serve as a pleasant surprise, or a point of discussion. Either way, it’s a win. Travel is about discovery, and these lists can be about discovery, too.

Travel deepens one’s understanding of life and the world we live in. Traveling with a loved one deepens the relationship and understanding of each other. Few things beat seeing the look in your loved one’s eyes as he or she sees a dreamed-about sight, or experiences an anticipated thrill, such as hot air ballooning for the first time.

Accomplishing one of these bucket list experiences can be quite a victory to share together. A shared thrill that also creates a deeper sense of the relationship — now that’s something to strive for.

Start out small, maybe a beach weekend, a bed-and-breakfast getaway, or a dinner at a favorite restaurant. Incorporate into that the bucket list-sharing exercise. Then, make your plans.

Recreation News is here to help. Research and get the ball rolling. Let the anticipation dreaming begin. Make it a month of love!

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