Waterfall Wednesday: Elakala Falls, W.Va.

Ellen Matis

via Tracey Harrison-Hill on Flickr

Each week, Recreation News takes you to a new waterfall in the Mid-Atlantic. This week, see Elakala in West Virginia.

State: West Virginia

via Tracey Harrison-Hill on Flickr
via Tracey Harrison-Hill on Flickr


Location: Tucker County

Height: 15 to 40 feet

The Elakala Falls are a series of four waterfalls, ranging in height from 15 to 40 feet. From the official Elakala trail there is a bridge over the top of the first waterfall offering easy access and views, however, the following three falls are not as easy to access.

More information: The name of the waterfalls comes from a Native American legend, although several significantly different versions exist. According to one account it involves a princess named Elakala who threw herself over the edge of the first waterfall when her lover scorned her.

How to get there:

While you’re there:

West Virginia is home to many waterfalls, but GotoWV considers these falls to be the most majestic. 

More information: gotowv.com/wv-waterfalls/

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