Five ‘different’ tours in Bedford County, Pa.

Jane and Marvin Bond

“We were trying to make things more accessible to the general public,” explained Dennis Tice, who promotes Bedford County, Pa.

The county’s two video tours (a third is in production) take advantage of the smartphone in your pocket to enhance the typical guided tour.RUSSELL_HOUSE,_BEDFORD_COUNTY,_PA

With a brochure in hand, you can tour five sites in the town of Everett, using the QR Code Reader on your phone to access entertaining video content. You can also access the video through a YouTube channel using any Internet-ready device.

The Everett tour reveals why the town was long known as Bloody Run, the dangers of life on the frontier, and how two of America’s Medals of Honor were awarded to boys from Bedford County.

The separate tour of Bedford reveals five different styles of architecture ranging from a gothic revival church to an art deco gas station.

The tours take about an hour each.


A different GPS tour

The county tourism office also offers a GPS games adventure. “This is really three different walking tours using GPS coordinates that you can do without knowing geocaching,”
Tice said.

Using a smartphone that can show accurate longitude and latitude, and a family can solve three puzzles while touring the area. You solve the fourth puzzle by unscrambling highlighted letters in the three puzzles and can claim a prize at the tourism office.

“It’s a fun and educational way to learn about history, as well as our area,” Tice said.


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