What’s inside Box number 12?

Marvin Bond

Recreation News editor Marvin Bond.

Anyone who has moved after a long time in one house knows how much “stuff” we humans can accumulate. The process of moving can be cleansing, I suppose, as we shed the things that we no longer need or use. This is particularly true for those of us of a certain age who are downsizing. Moving from a home in which children and assorted pets lived to a nest for the two of you means abandoning a good bit of that accumulated detritus while packing the remains into boxes.

As in most things, organization can keep the stress level down, but there is always last-minute packing of daily necessities into boxes that defy coherent labels. I suppose everyone who has moved has lost something in the process, if only for a matter of days or weeks. During our May move, my file with date book, editorial calendar with writers’ assignments, and notes for a July story seemed to disappear.

Recreation News editor Marvin Bond.
Recreation News editor Marvin Bond.

There ensued a search through still-unpacked boxes marked “office,” and an inventory of other sealed boxes to see if one of the office boxes had been placed elsewhere. As we were checking those other boxes, different treasures that had survived the downsizing process revealed themselves: IDs from the three presidential inaugurals I worked on, small pictures we bought in the Market House in Charleston, and mugs from a writer’s trip to Southern Delaware.


Enhance your memory box

The file was important, of course, but the memories were more important in the long run. What are you doing to enhance your own memory box? It’s already mid-summer, but it’s not too late to plan a getaway or day trip to create the experiences that fill up that memory box.

Over time, those rocking chair memories are more important than many of the day-to-day chores we often let drive our daily lives.

Check out the pages of this issue of Recreation News to get some ideas.

Take a trip north or south to visit one of the region’s caverns. They’re guaranteed to be refreshingly cool on a hot summer day and we have a complete rundown this month.

Head down to the farm to visit some of the many agritourism attractions we explore in a roundup feature.

Hike to spectacular views in the area around Morgantown, W.Va., or enjoy the state’s only botanic garden.

Learn what our cruise columnists discovered about Princess cruises.

Find an easy resource for horseback riding opportunities in Maryland.

The list goes on with our extensive calendar of festivals, fairs, shows, concerts, exhibitions, and other activities, as well as our Free in D.C. and Family Event features. It’s like your own box of surprises that you can open, and then take what you like.

Surprises and memories are meant to be enjoyed. Make the most of your summer with help from Recreation News in print and online at recreationnews.com.

Oh, and I did find the missing file. It was hiding in plain sight on my desk!


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