Waterfall Wednesday: Silver Spray (Hidden) Falls, N.J.

Each week, Recreation News takes you to a new waterfall in the Mid-Atlantic. This week, see Silver Spray Falls in New Jersey.

State: New Jersey

via jherg424 on Flickr
via jherg424 on Flickr

Location: Walpack Township, Sussex County

Height: 40 feet

Silver Spray Falls is among the prettiest in New Jersey, falling over the red rocks of the Kittatinny Ridge, according to “Waterfalls of the Mid-Atlantic,”by Gary Letcher.

More information: The Hidden Falls Trail leads from the falls up to the Appalachian Trail atop Kittatinny Ridge. The falls are considered “hidden” and are difficult to find.

How to get there:

While you’re there:

In the area, also find Buttermilk Falls, a 7.5 mile hike.

More information: NJ Hiking

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