Change is a constant part of personal and professional life

Marvin Bond

Life, it seems, is all about change. We grow up, leave home, begin our own lives, and change jobs, apartments, houses, and, more recently, the technology we use to manage it all.

16-05 editor pic2It’s all come into focus again for me in 2016 as Jane and I prepare to leave the house we’ve lived in for 28 of our 41 years of marriage (it never ceases to amaze me how much “stuff” you can accumulate in that time), and we had to say a final farewell to our last canine companion, Dolly. Ours is a century-old home that certainly wasn’t built for the modern technology we use to keep Recreation News on track, but we’ve managed OK, thank you, with occasional assist from our tech folks and our more tech-savvy publisher.

Just as Jane and I are making changes in our lives this year, Recreation News continues to evolve in the digital age. Our nearly 40 years of experience as a print publication merely gives us a record to stand on in reaching you, one of the most desirable audiences in the country. Far from holding us back, our experience has given us a greater understanding of what readers want and need in planning to get the most from one of their most valuable resources, their leisure time.

No matter what your age or other demographic, you want to know about interesting places and what to do, where to stay, and where to eat when you get there. That’s our strength at Recreation News. We’ve been at this a long time, taking both the well-traveled and less-traveled roads throughout the Mid-Atlantic to find the experiences that make your day trip, weekend getaway, or vacation special. Our freelance writers live in all parts of the region, so they can provide the insider tips that give you an edge, whether it’s saving money or expanding your experience.

2016 has seen a continuing rapid change in how you use Recreation News content. While there are still 250,000 readers for the print edition, thousands more are viewing content on their phones, tablets, and other devices. Nearly two-thirds of our website views are on mobile devices these days. And, that mobility has expanded our reach to new readers as well.

I’ll be hooking up the work computers in a new home this month, but our commitment to keep pace with how you use Recreation News and what you want from us won’t change.

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