Waterfall Wednesday: Babcock Mill Falls, W.Va.

Ellen Matis

via Todd Neal on Flickr

Each week, Recreation News takes you to a new waterfall in the Mid-Atlantic. This week, see Babcock Mill Falls, West Virginia.

State: West Virginia

via Todd Neal on Flickr
via Todd Neal on Flickr

Location: Clifford

Height: N/A

According to its website, Babcock State Park offers its guests 4,127 acres of serene, yet rugged beauty, a fast flowing trout stream in a boulder-strewn canyon and mountainous vistas to be viewed from several scenic overlooks.

More information: It’s s located adjacent to the New River Gorge National ‘River and the heart of the whitewater rafting industry of West Virginia.

How to get there:

While you’re there:

Babcock State Park offers hiking trails, boating, fishing, swimming and many different programs.

More information: http://www.babcocksp.com/

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