Spring is in the air

April is the first complete month of spring. In the Mid-Atlantic, the March battle of cold versus warm is up for grabs. In April, the warm gets the upper hand. Everything is coming alive.

Chirping robins build their nests, their bellies swollen with eggs. The drone of lawn mowers pairs with the scent of freshly cut grass. Boaters prep for a season of fun. Neglected household repairs are tackled. Baseball, from Little League to Major League, comes into full swing (pun intended). Bikes come out of storage, kayaks are flung onto roofs for their trip to the water, and we are generally ready to enjoy the outdoors.

What does it all have in common other than symbols of spring? Vibrancy and life! Nature comes to life, and at the same time, people are coming back to a vibrancy of life as well. Along with that enthusiasm comes planning, too. Vacation plans migrate from the idea stage to active planning and reservations.

The hardest part of putting together our host of spring ideas must be the absolutely massive amounts of choices to cull through. It’s a fantastic dilemma, actually. We all have our unique desires, and couples and families try to find optimal common ground to satisfy the quest for the best getaway. You can’t beat a large menu of choices. And you aren’t limited, either. It’s not just the vacation; it’s the weekend getaway, the day trip, the festival, the evening dinner with a sunset view, or the morning bike ride or kayak trip that is a lot more fun and beautiful than a stationary bike at the gym.

Thankfully, the evolution of media offers us many ways to share these ideas with you.

If you’ve followed us on Facebook, you’ve no doubt seen our countless giveaways and ideas for last minute fun. If you’ve been on our website, RecreationNews.com, you’ve not only been able to read our stories, you’ve also been able to see a ton more photos and videos in our expanded coverage. If you get our weekly email blast, The Weekend Update, you’ve learned about a dozen great events each upcoming weekend. (Not on the list? Email us at events@recreationnews.com.) See our videos. Listen to us on the radio.

Spring is here! And we are bursting at the seams with vibrant ideas for fun, whether it’s to the north, south, east, or west. Our ideas are a good fit whether they’re for indoors or outdoors; cultural or athletic; or for couples, families, or solo travelers. And, we have more ways than ever to share these ideas with you.

We’re alive, and it’s contagious. Let us give you the bug for fun, and offer some ideas on a treatment plan. Happy spring!

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