This week in fishing: Luray/Page County, Va.

Visitors seeking to experience the Valley of Virginia through fishing activities have plenty of options.

Shenandoah River Adventures offers rental opportunities, all of which include equipment, a tutorial, and maps of the river. Owner Rodney Turner says he employs some “avid anglers” who were born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley and who can provide peak times and spots for whatever fish their customers are looking for.

People looking for guided tours should check out Long’s Outfitters and the Page Valley Fly Fishing Service.

Fishermen with their own equipment can participate in the Town of Luray’s April festivities, including Heritage Trout Day and Youth Trout Derby Day. Or, strike out on your own to find your favorite fish. Locations include Luray’s Cave Pond (pan fish), Hawksbill Creek along the Greenway (trout), Lake
Arrowhead (pan fish and night cat-fishing every second Friday), and the Shenandoah River (smallmouth bass).

The town of Shenandoah requires state licenses for the Shenandoah Landing and River Park and for fishing in the pond at Big Gem Park.

The Town of Luray reminds everyone that anglers 16 and older need state and town licenses for its locations.

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