Start 2016 off right with some of these Top 10 vinous resolutions

Edward Finstein

Wine is an integral part of celebrations throughout the year and around the world.

Many folks around the world make New Year’s resolutions that they hope to keep. Common ones include things such as exercising more or eating better.

Ever wonder what resolutions wine lovers make? The following are the Top 10 vinous resolutions, in no particular order:

  • Many consumers say that in the coming new year they vow to drink less and ultimately enjoy it more.

That’s not to say the folks who say this are heavy drinkers, but that the absence of wine would make the heart, or rather palate, fonder. Thus, the wine would be more enjoyable as it would be a novelty and something to look forward to.

Wine is an integral part of celebrations throughout the year and around the world.
Wine is an integral part of celebrations throughout the year and around the world.
  • Many of these same consumers also swear that, by drinking less, they would drink better.

In other words, when they do drink, it would be wine of better quality and not just any old plonk.

  • Those who dine out often resolve to not order the “house wine” in restaurants any more.

As a rule of thumb, the “house wine” in an eatery is usually a very commercial or simple wine. It’s meant to go pretty much with everything on the menu and not work exceptionally well with any one item. It also gets the largest markup of any wine on a wine list. So, by “drinking up,” as it were, they spend a few more dollars, but they get a much better quality of wine and generally the markup is lower.

  • Many people say to enhance their experiences, they would learn more about wine by taking classes or courses.

This way, their knowledge and confidence level would be elevated, as well as their enjoyment factor.

  • Many of these same people say they would subscribe to a wine magazine or website to further their interest and aid in purchasing suggestions.


More possible resolutions:

  • There are also folks who vow to join a wine club so they can attend frequent tastings, hobnob with other “wineknows,” and chat about their love of vino.
  • A good number of consumers say they would make it a point to visit a wine region or two in the new year.

By doing this, they would learn firsthand how their favorite imbibe was created and get to experience the culture that gave it life, thus enlightening the whole wine sipping trip.

  • To enhance sipping at home, many vow to take a cooking course so they can create culinary masterpieces in-house to match their wine.

Since wine and food are a marriage made in heaven, this is a fabulous idea.

  • Also on the home front, the purchasing of decent wine glasses is high on many lists.

A poor wine glass can detract from even a great wine, so good wine glasses that are created for certain styles and varietals are a must.

  • Finally, many consumers have decided to start a wine collection at home.

Either renovating a space in the basement or designing and building a proper wine cellar is on the to-do list for the upcoming year. Those with little space or who live in an apartment say they would invest in a “vintage keeper,” those refrigerator-type units that simulate ideal cellar conditions.

There you have it … the Top 10 vinous New Year’s resolutions for 2016. Are any of them yours?


© Edward Finstein, “The Wine Doctor,” 2015. “The Wine Doctor” is Edward Finstein, award-winning author, TV/radio host, renowned wine journalist, international wine judge, professor of wine and consultant. 

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