Living the life in Southern Delaware

Michelle Teel

“Beaches Are Just the Beginning” describes the way of life in the southern reaches of the nation’s First State. If you’re intrigued by what you’ve read about Southern Delaware, you’re like countless others who think about living there.

With 26 miles of Atlantic coastline, and much more waterfront property along the Delaware Bay, the inland bays, and several lakes and rivers, there are many viable options in Southern Delaware for those who enjoy life by the water.

But, for those who want to spend a little less money for a home and still live within a short drive of some of the nation’s finest small-town beach resorts, the central and western areas of Sussex County offer open spaces, close-knit communities, tons of local history, and good amenities.

For the over-55 crowd, there are plenty of communities to choose from that can be found in all areas of the county. Visit and take a look a look at some of these communities to find out what your money can really buy in Southern Dela-

And then there are the taxes, or lack thereof. No matter what part of the county you plan on calling home, the taxes in Southern Delaware are some of the lowest in the United States. With no sales tax and extremely low property taxes (real estate values have not been reassessed in Sussex County since the early 1970s), your money truly can go a lot further than in other areas in the Mid-Atlantic.

So, when you make the decision that living at or near the Delaware beaches is the right choice for you and your family, visit to start taking a look at homes that are currently available.

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