Gettysburg food tours give visitors a tasty view of the city

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You can pick up vintage candy treats at Sweeet! The Candy Store.

Gettysburg, Pa., offers tours for almost every interest. You can explore battlefields, hunt down ghosts, or learn about harvesting fruit and making wine. But one of the most interesting tours allows visitors to enjoy food samples from a wealth of local restaurants, while feasting on little-known historical tidbits at the same time.

You can pick up vintage candy treats at Sweeet! The Candy Store.
You can pick up vintage candy treats at Sweeet! The Candy Store.

Savor Gettysburg Food Tours, which was created by Lori Korczyk, offers participants a choice of two walking and eating options: the Historic Downtown Tour or the Savory Sweets Tour.

During the Historic Downtown Tour, visitors spend three hours on a leisurely walk through the city, taking short breaks to enjoy delicacies from seven local restaurants, including One Lincoln, Hauser Estate Winery, Garryowen Irish Pub, Café St. Amand, Mr. G’s Homemade Ice Cream, Café on the Square, and the Gettysburg Baking Company. Each stop offers a sample of its most popular item, ranging from blue crab macaroni and cheese to an authentic Irish shepherd’s pie.

“The tour is something new and exciting for people to do, even if they’ve been coming to Gettysburg for 20 years,” said Korczyk. “People tend to go back to the same restaurants again and again, and this gives them a chance to try something different.”

Insider tip: Park at the garage on Race Horse Alley, right off of Lincoln Square, instead of at the two-hour street meters. It only costs 75 cents per hour.

Get the lay of the land

A walking tour is a great way to get to know a town while touring with people of like interests. On a recent Savory Sweets Tour, for example, conversations ranged from a discussion of the merits of milk versus dark chocolate to favorite candies from the past, especially while visiting Sweeet! The Candy Store in Gettysburg, which carries a wide range of hard-to-find treats that were popular in years gone by. Anyone remember Cow Tales or Necco Wafers?

The Savory Sweets Tour also includes stops at The Gettysburg Baking Company (where you just have to try the pecan diamond), Reid’s Orchard & Winery, The Brick House Inn Bed & Breakfast, Sunset Ice Cream Parlor (named one of the Top 10 ice cream parlors in the U.S.), the Ragged Edge Roasting Company, and the Fudge Shack (where you can sample fudge made from an 1830s English recipe).

Starting in mid-July, Korczyk also will be offering a Wine, Cider, and Dine Tour for those who want to sample the area’s libations, as well as its food options.

While there is a lot of noshing on both tours, there’s also a fair amount of easy walking, so you don’t need to worry about getting too full to enjoy the experience.

Each tour also travels by many of the town’s most memorable sites, including the home of Mary Virginia “Jennie” Wade, who was the only civilian casualty of the Civil War battle; a cannon named Penelope, which is forever enshrined in the sidewalk (watch your step); and the David Wills House, where President Abraham Lincoln put the finishing touches on the Gettysburg Address.

“These tours are a great way to learn where everything is, especially if you’re visiting Gettysburg for the first time,” said Korczyk. If you’re planning to do any shopping, it’s also a good idea to take one of these tours early in your visit, because coupons in the tour’s program guide provide extra savings at all of the locations in case you want to go back for a full meal or take home some delicious gifts.

Tours are held Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and group and private tours are also available. Tickets are $39 per child and $59 per adult.

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