A toad-ally interactive nature adventure awaits

The Virginia Living Museum’s “Frogs: A Chorus of Colors” has visitors hopping to the Newport News attraction to see more than 70 frogs from across the globe.

Va Liv Mus frogThe frogs aren’t all of the forest-green hue. In addition to brilliant green, there are gold, bright blue, and dazzling red specimens — an exotic array of colors. Some live in lush rainforests and others in parched deserts — in this display they are all showcased in detailed habitats with rock ledges, live plants, and waterfalls.

Visitors hear their noisy croaks, yaps, chirps, whoops, snores, and whistles. Interactive games and displays explore frogs’ biology and natural history, the roles they play in human cultures, their importance to ecosystems, and the perils they face in a changing environment.

You can check out the skeleton of the world’s largest frog and learn how the frog’s skeleton allows it to out-jump Olympic athletes. Hark back to biology class with a virtual dissection that doesn’t hurt any frogs. The musically inclined can create a chorus by pushing buttons to activate recorded frog calls. The exhibits test your frog knowledge on subjects from basic to bizarre.

Bring your camera to capture the vivid colors. Non-flash photography is permitted. If you never thought frogs were worth a photo, this exhibition will change your mind.

Created by Peeling Productions at Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland in Pennsylvania, the exhibit will remain on display through Sept. 7 and is open daily 9:00am–5:00pm with extended hours until 8:00pm on Thursdays through Aug. 27. (thevlm.org)

Virginia Living Museum

Frogs in all hues are part of the Virginia Living Museum exhibit.

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