Good traveling companions are a great blessing to us all

Editor Marvin Bond

The way things come full circle has always held some fascination for me, and that all came back vividly as spring began to give way to summer on the calendar.

On the publisher’s page, you’ll find a wonderful tribute by Karl Teel to his mother, who passed away in early June. Karl has great memories of family travel with his parents, including family reunion cruises with his mother in recent years.

Editor Marvin Bond
Editor Marvin Bond

Karl’s mother was a lively lady who looked forward to the cruise — which would end up being her last — where she would see her new great-grandson and enjoy other far-flung members of her family.

Good traveling companions are a great blessing; an even greater blessing when they share the same family experience that you do. Those family memories are precious and become the glue that seals relationships and the subject of family conversations for years to come.

In our lives, Jane and I have been blessed with daughters and sons-in-law who are also great traveling companions and a grandson who has already experienced the thrill of discovering new destinations. We also welcomed a new grandchild last month who, I hope, will be another great traveling companion in the years ahead. As I held Lucy for the first time, I was already thinking of places I wanted to show her and experiences to share. Such is the prerogative of a grandfather.

Indeed, multi-generation family travel is widely recognized today as an important part of the tourism market. For me, it boils down to simply enjoying those closest to us in new surroundings and sharing sights, sounds, and destinations both familiar and brand new.

Here at Recreation News, life came full circle again as Karl’s family said goodbye to a favorite fellow traveler and both the Teel and Bond clans welcomed new future travelers.

It is my fervent hope that you find traveling companions with whom you can share experiences from day trips to once-in-a-lifetime vacations. The discoveries on the road are all the sweeter when shared by those who appreciate both them and each other.

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