Let Recreation News help you plan that next trip

Marvin Bond

In recent years, experts have been telling us that Americans are waiting until the last minute to plan trips. The Great Recession, we were told, created fear among travelers about jobs and wages, so they held onto their money until the last minute. Anecdotal evidence, at least, seems to show some shift toward longer-range planning.

High season accommodations at beaches and other seasonal destinations have traditionally required year-to-year reservations and that seems unlikely to change as consumers gain confidence.

Then, there is the lure of major destinations such as Disney World where wrist bands, fast passes, and meal plans have grown so complex that major advance planning is required. Cruises can also require advance planning, although loyalty clubs and online notifications can make you aware of short-notice deals.

The average Recreation News reader takes multiple trips of a week or longer and plenty of weekend and day trips each year. Whether those trips are becoming less last minute I can’t say, but Recreation News offers plenty of opportunities for both long-range planning and spur-of-the-moment getaways.

As you peruse this issue, you’ll find a bucket list of West Virginia destinations to investigate further. You’ll discover a different side of Gettysburg to explore when the weather warms, as well as family activities in Lancaster County.

You’ll also find events and exhibits happening this month and next in Virginia’s Northern Neck, Maryland’s Garrett County, and along North Carolina’s interstate highways.

Whatever your planning mode, we’re here to help. Read, react, and enjoy!

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