Making the most of your leisure time

Karl Teel

Some say print is dead. While statistically that is hype, I am thankful on one hand that it’s not true — although you may be reading this on an iPad, laptop, desktop computer, or your smartphone.Rome pub note

But, the statement on its own is irrelevant. We are not in the print business, newspaper business, or magazine business — we are in the business of communicating to people how to make the most of their leisure time. As a result, we change our form of conveyance as society changes the way it receives information. Just as having a new child doesn’t make you love your prior child any less, new ways of communicating don’t always diminish previous methods. But, like the additional child, they all compete for your limited time.


Buying time

Years ago, my old friend Mike Fleming said, “No matter how much money you have, you can’t buy more time.”

Bill Gates may have millions of times the wealth I have, but he’ll never live to be 10 million years old. Granted, he can spend less of his time doing the mundane: cutting the grass, hitting the grocery store, or toiling at a job. He can elect to use an enormous percentage of his time having fun.

For most of us, this luxury proves elusive. Thank God for that. It keeps me employed! As your leisure time is limited, it becomes more valuable, and like any investment, you want to research to make the most of it.


Romantic resource

Love is another thing you can’t buy, and if life has blessed you with a special someone, you have a double bonus and your time with that person has a precious value.

We think of this a lot during Valentine’s Day. While little bits of jewelry provide mental reminders of this love while apart, time together carries the greatest value. And, it’s in this spirit that we present this issue, which is packed with ideas for romantic getaways.

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Our goal is to be your investment counselor for your most precious investment — your leisure time. Don’t see something that strikes you in this issue? No problem. Look at prior issues online and search them for whatever interests you. Too last minute to make big plans? No problem. Check out our calendar of events, searchable by date, location, or keywords. And, do it from the paper, your computer, or your phone. We are here for you no matter what form of communication you prefer!

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