Travelers’ Toolbox

  • Clever Crates from Ziel Innovations are great for transporting food or other things for camping in something besides a paper bag, or just for organizing items you’re toting in the back of the SUV. They collapse when not in use so they’re easily stored and come in a variety of sizes. (

  • If you need to keep track of a few cards, a key, or some cash, the Wojo Wallet is a sleek silicone and neoprene sleeve that even floats. It’s good to carry just what you need when cycling, boating, fishing, or participating in other outdoor activities, and it even comes in collegiate designs. (
  • Rolo is a travel bag with mesh pockets and zippers that rolls up and can be used as a carry-on and hangs up for easy access to clothes and accessories when you reach your destination. While not a true hang-up bag for carrying suits or dresses, it’s appropriate for short travel or as an extra bag. (
  • Wrinkles are often a by-product of traveling and the folks at Downy offer a Wrinkle Releaser Plus that you spray on clothes, smooth out visible wrinkles, and allow to dry for five minutes. Check out or major retailers.

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